Executive Search

The enterprise value of our client’s business ventures is increased by our search for and recruitment of the very best professionals for the offered position. With help of our network firms, with whom we collaborate closely, it is possible to act cross-nationally in the recruitment efforts since our clients often go beyond national borders.
For the offered positions, our clients receive a list of potential candidates, including their CVs. This list is strictly confidential and selected by our experts know-how so our clients benefit from a very good candidate network.
We offer a 6-months guarantee to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. At the same time, we want to give you the security of long-term support.

Top Management

The most important factor of a successful company is leadership. Filling top management positions is relevant for all decisions of a company – we help you to find the best candidates for your company.

Human Resources (HR)

Human resources are one of the most important factor in a company. HR managers are expected to create the perfect balance between management levels and the needs of their staff. This is not always easy.
With the help of our programmes, you will attract the best employees for your company!

Family Offices

You want to settle in Austria? We offer the best solutions for our clients and help with an establishment of a tailor made Family Office.
Austria is a beautiful country with huge business potential and opportunities (especially, due to the Brexit). The country has a high level of social security, education and recreational infrastructure.
Contact our expert team for further informations!

Business Development

For many companies, the question of whether to expand into foreign markets arises at some point. This is often associated with risks. These risks can be minimized with the help of a skilled business development manager.
These highly qualified managers can play their part in the preparations and thus help the company to succeed.
Our experts are happy to help our clients with the recruitment process.

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